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Kids and Untreated Cavities in the US

With the vast advancements in the dental field this last decade, it may be surprising to learn that untreated cavities are still a prevalent and persistent issue for many people in the United States. More than one in five Americans has untreated cavities, according to Dr. Bruce Dye, an epidemiologist at the U.S. Center for… Continue reading Kids and Untreated Cavities in the US

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Do You Have a Dental Disorder?

The range of possible dental disorders is wide and many are more easily recognized than others. It could be a bit perplexing to consider you may have a dental disorder without realizing it, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Some disorders have obvious symptoms that may have you running to our office.… Continue reading Do You Have a Dental Disorder?

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Dental X-Rays and Your Health

X-rays, otherwise known as #dental radiographs, are a staple of quality dental care. While x-rays bring undeniable advantages when it comes to identifying and diagnosing potential health issues, some may harbor reservations regarding the risks of exposure to radiation. Fortunately we can ease those concerns and serve as a resource for understanding radiography, so you can feel #confident receiving excellent care.

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How the Holidays Affect Your Teeth

The holidays are infamous for being diet-breakers, but let’s not forget the effect excessive sweets can have on your oral health! Don’t worry, we aren’t going to convince you to pass on pecan pie or skip the cider; however, it is important to continue practicing healthy habits, even with some well-deserved indulgences peppered into your… Continue reading How the Holidays Affect Your Teeth